If you have a belief in God, you understand that he works through every being on earth, including therapists.

If your belief in God is stable, you will understand that you can receive earthly help from a Christian therapist.

“Maybe God placed this therapist in your life to help.”

I decided to write this blog after witnessing countless transformations of clients when they incorporate God into our sessions. My philosophy is a little different than the norm. I have had an abundance of trials since I was very young. Unfortunately, I did not have parents. I did have grandparents that put their heart and soul into me when while they had me until age twelve. They knew life would be a rocky road, therefore made it a point every day to ensure me that God is sitting on my shoulder every day and I always need to have faith and TRUST.

It took many years to grasp the magnitude of this concept, but despite my inquisitive nature, I always relied on the mere fact that “God is sitting on my shoulder.”
Life handed me many trials and some extreme. Most were after my Grandparents went to heaven. I was alone and had to figure it all out. Well, I thought I was alone. I was not. God was always present and there for me to TRUST that he had a plan.

In my office, I have seen many broken individuals become whole again. I have experienced infertility change to fertility and marriages that appear doomed, become whole again. Of course, I have extensive training and a wealth of knowledge from personal experience, but I feel the actual healing is that addition of God sitting in on all my therapy sessions. I do not push religion on anyone; I only allow God to be present. If clients want to incorporate God into their therapy, I see drastic improvements at a much faster pace.