We are blessed from above with gifts from God that we call children. He allows us to have free will to do what is best for our beautiful little beings. The job is not an easy one but is the job that will reap the most significant rewards in the future to come. There are thousands of theories of parenting styles, approaches, rights, wrongs- it never ends. So how do we know which path to take? The following statement is where it becomes simplified if you wish to seek advice.

Follow the path of the one who gave you those gifts. Keep it simple and Trust in God. It does not mean the road will be easy or that all will work out fine. It does suggest that if you seek the hand from above, you know you will be on the best road. This is where it gets tricky, and many shun the advice. TIME, TALENT, and lastly, treasure are the tools that can help pave a path to success. There is an intricate balance needed here. It does not mean that all your time in a church will work out of the utmost perfection. It is saying that when uncertain of answers or direction, pray for guidance and resort back to TIME, TALENT, and again, lastly, treasure.

TIME, TALENT, treasure- what does this mean?

Time- we all know what time is, and that is something no one ever seems to have enough of! Children need TIME, meaning the more one-on-one time you can give your child, the more positive the results will be. It is where we cultivate a close-knit relationship at an early age, so later, when it is needed the most, the base is all set. We set the blueprint of our child’s life path from 1-12. At this time, it is most important to spend a lot of TIME together to establish a strong base.

TALENT- of course, everyone understands the definition of talent, but it can be of simplicity when it comes to children. Something as simple as having a two-year-old help with the household chore or in the kitchen. We are engraining our talents within our children. At the same time, we are giving more TIME.

Treasure- As noticed, the treasure is in small letters as it is the least important of the three. Although most clients I work with have it as number one, the Best school, technology, sports equipment, and coaches will ensure our children turn out one day. Yet, repeatedly, I see this philosophy not working out to the most successful or best path.

Society emphasizes Who’s who and Material possession; what is most important is to teach a child morals, values, and being comfortable in their own skin. It is natural for a parent to want their child to succeed in life, but we define success too narrowly based on twenty-five years of study.