Are you a victim of Narcissistic Abuse?

“Am I crazy? Am I a worthless human being? Am I an awful person? These are some of the most frequent questions from victims of narcissistic relationships. Many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD affects a person’s memory, physical and emotional systems. Despite being physically removed from the relationship, [...]

Are you a victim of Narcissistic Abuse?2023-08-19T18:35:57-04:00

Positive Parenting – the road to successful children

We are blessed from above with gifts from God that we call children. He allows us to have free will to do what is best for our beautiful little beings. The job is not an easy one but is the job that will reap the most significant rewards [...]

Positive Parenting – the road to successful children2023-08-19T18:35:25-04:00

Trauma, PTSD and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Most often when we hear the word trauma and or PTSD, we think of combat, rape, horrific accident or assault. It is not often that we associate trauma with child abuse and or neglect. When one is a victim of childhood abuse, the brain "switches off," according to [...]

Trauma, PTSD and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery2023-08-19T18:34:57-04:00

Lessons learned from the tough trial of Divorce and leaning on God

Walking in someone else's shoes Over the recent months, I have heard the same story over and over again from many clients. " People tell me to just get over it and move on" It is not quite that simple. Divorce rates appear to be on the rise. Until you have [...]

Lessons learned from the tough trial of Divorce and leaning on God2023-08-19T18:34:27-04:00

The Narcissist and the codependent

One of the most prevalent words used in my office is "Narcissist." It is true that narcissism has become an epidemic in the eyes of many, but another critical factor is codependent. If one is not codependent, it is tough to attract a narcissist. The inherently dysfunctional relationship of a [...]

The Narcissist and the codependent2023-08-19T18:34:01-04:00

Christian therapy- adding God to the session

If you have a belief in God, you understand that he works through every being on earth, including therapists.If your belief in God is stable, you will understand that you can receive earthly help from a Christian therapist.“Maybe God placed this therapist in your life to help.”I decided to [...]

Christian therapy- adding God to the session2023-08-19T18:41:12-04:00

Starting Over after a relationship abruptly ends- rewrite your story

The relationship ends. Despite if we wanted it to end or not, we must face the bittersweet truth that it is over. I say "bittersweet" as it can be an arduous process no matter where we stand. "What do I do now?" is the remark that is most often [...]

Starting Over after a relationship abruptly ends- rewrite your story2023-08-19T18:33:03-04:00

Toxic relationship -The effect on health

Toxic relationships hurt psychologically, and they can also be physically damaging. Toxic relationships can have severe effects on one's health. They can be so powerful that they can sometimes cause irreversible damage to our bodies. They can even cost us our life. Digestive issues, migraines, depression, anxiety, high blood [...]

Toxic relationship -The effect on health2023-08-19T18:32:38-04:00

Effects of Trauma /PTSD

Are you feeling overwhelmed, avoiding situations that could trigger trauma flashbacks, anxious, depressed or simply feeling you are not yourself? These can be typical reactions to trauma. If you are suffering the effects of trauma, whether it be from childhood or a recent incident, you probably have feelings and symptoms that [...]

Effects of Trauma /PTSD2023-08-19T18:43:10-04:00

Narcissism Epidemic

IN my office one of the most widely overused words is Narcissist. It is quite true that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is appearing at an all-time high, but that does not mean everyone is a Narcissist. In order to truly be diagnosed a Narcissist, there are a few qualifications [...]

Narcissism Epidemic2023-08-19T18:44:40-04:00
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