What is emotion focus therapy (EFT)?

Emotion focus therapy is a short-term therapy that normally lasts between 8-20 sessions. It is an approach to therapy that is quite structured and focuses on adult attachment and bonding styles. It is primarily used with couples but can also be used with individuals and families. The philosophy for EFT is that individuals become healthier by emotional contact and the need to feel safe. EFT is based on the concept that distress in intimate relationships is often related to fear of abandonment that is deeply rooted. An individual’s emotional response to the fear can put a big strain on the relationship. this causes bot individuals in a relationship to become stuck in negative patterns of interaction. An EFT therapist works with individuals to break the pattern of negative interaction by helping the couple understand the emotions attached to the fear.

Dr. Sue Johnson (Founder of EFT) does a great job explaining EFT in the clip below.

EMDRIA has designed to help one understand EMDR



EMDR explained

EMDR is a highly effective treatment for many different types of trauma, although sometimes it can be difficult to understand how it really works. The following video provides the client's point of view of the EMDR experience.

Posted by Aspen Counselling Services on Monday, August 7, 2017